Trombone Attraction

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Trombone Attraction [trɒmˈbəʊn əˈtrækʃən] is a dynamic trombone quartet, consisting of the four musicians Stefan Obmann, Christian Poitinger, Martin Riener and Raphael Stieger.

This nationally and internationally acclaimed ensemble has always endeavoured to show the trombone in all its facets, thus even attracting the attention of such renowned concert halls as the Musikverein Wien or the Wiener Konzerthaus. As a consequence, they have succeeded in bringing the formerly underestimated trombone into classical concert halls, thereby inspiring and thrilling whole audiences.

Their celebrated appearance at the famous Stresa Music Festival in Italy or the Festival Cuivres en Dombes in France as well as performances in Germany, Greece and Hungary show that today’s audience can still be charmed and delighted by a young, up-and-coming ensemble. Because of their many innovative ideas the four highly motivated trombonists can offer their listeners a very interesting and different sound experience.

Martin Riener, Stefan Obmann, Raphael Stieger und Christian Poitinger
represent a new, young generation of musicians 
for whom music has no boundaries.
Dr. Andrea Wolowiec – Musikverein Wien

This group has a tremendous homogenity of sound and musical intention.
A breath of musical fresh air. One can hear the joy in what they do and it is clear
that this kind of musical togetherness comes only with much work built on instinct.

Ian Bousfield, trombone soloist

This ensemble must be heard all over the world 
and even in outer space. All the credits to them!
Leonhard Paul – Mnozil Brass

Even the first time I listened to them, 
I could sense their complete trust in each other 
and the fun they have when playing together,
though, of course, they take their music very seriously. 
Dietmar Küblböck – principal trombone, Wiener Philharmoniker

Trombone Attraction: many fresh ideas, 
a sound musicality and joy in ensemble playing. 
This is the best base for great music.
Gábor Tarkövi – principal trumpet, Berliner Philharmoniker

Very rarely does one have the opportunity 
to hear a trombone quartet play so 
perfectly with such joy and enthusiasm. 
Markus Bebek – SONIC

As we all know from the bible, 
seven trumpets can bring on the apocalypse. 
Four trombones on the other hand, are the guarantee for a heavenly concert. 
This is a well known fact in Vienna since two Carinthians and 
two Upper Austrians formed the quartet Trombone Attraction.
Wilhelm Sinkovicz – Die Presse

A truly refreshing way of playing music and, 
what is more, executed with breathtaking ease.
Walter Voglmayr – principal trombone, Wiener Symphoniker, Pro Brass